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Mysterious Kaiser

It stands there, completely covered in moss. Directly next to the path. Stretching its branches powerfully upward. Pure life. A mysterious tree. The secret of the trees, their life and their past is one of the seventeen different themed tours that put you on the trail of nature in the Kaiser Mountains nature experience.

Herbal enjoyment. Hiking with all your senses. Insights into the animal kingdom. On the hunt with a hunter. Hike and learn. Read tracks. With experts in the various specialities, these free themed tours for children and adults take you through the Kaiser Mountains nature reserve with the aim of exploring the world high up on the mountain. A special excursion experience. Unusual insights into a multi-facetted paradise. Nature as an adventure. A journey of discovery through the Wilder and Zahmer Kaiser nature reserve. After a comfortable ride up with the Kaiserlift the individual tours start directly at the Brentenjoch top station.

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  • The 5 Chinese elements in nature

    The 5 Chinese elements in nature

    What do the elements of wood, fire, earth, metal and water represent? Where can we find them near Brentenjoch? Experience how the elements create each other, control themselves and use the others. It’s a continuous cycle - without a beginning or an end.

  • Living together on the alm

    Living together on the alm

    Happy cows grazing on green meadows. Wooden huts with a backdrop of the Kaiser Mountains. Pure Alpine beauty. But what else happens on the alm? How busy are the lives of the Alpine farmers? What role does water play? And how should you behave when you come across cows or other alm animals?

  • A journey through the geological past

    A journey through the geological past

    Learn more about the Kaiser Mountains as a witness of geological history. How were they created? What did they look like in the past? What about now? What have they experienced and what stories can they tell?

  • The origin of life

    The origin of life

    Learn more about evolution: How did single-cell organisms turn into giant trees? What is a plant cell structured and how have plants adapted to living in the high mountains?

  • Geocaching with Fred Bull

    Geocaching with Fred Bull

    A couple more metres. You’ve reached the coordinates you were looking for. The treasure must be hidden here somewhere. Maybe behind the big tree? Or in the dense scrub? Come on a modern scavenger hunt that’s full of excitement.

  • An excursion into the world of insects and bees

    An excursion into the world of insects and bees

    Look closely: It’s busy on the forest floor and in the air. Can you see the colourful beetles crawling and the beautiful butterflies flying? Can you hear the buzzing of the wild bees? Do you know what species they are and what they’re useful for?

  • Take a closer look at the seasons

    Take a closer look at the seasons

    It germinates, grows, flowers and dies off. What characterises the seasons and what’s special about the annual cycle in the mountains? Why does spring come later in the mountains? What role does water play in summer? Why do the leaves change colour in autumn? Which survival strategies do plants and animals have for the winter?

  • Slow down and gain strength from the forest

    Slow down and gain strength from the forest

    You long for tranquillity. Breathe the fresh air in the forest. It smells like wild herbs, the forest floor and the essential oils of conifers. Tranquillity and relaxation wash over you.

  • The plant treasures of the Kaiser

    The plant treasures of the Kaiser

    Did you know that nettle seeds contain a lot of protein, which can give tired hikers energy? Or that ribwort can alleviate the irritating itch of a mosquito bite? Can you imagine how many useful herbs and healing plants grow around Brentenjoch?

  • A meteorological journey of discovery

    A meteorological journey of discovery

    Look up at the sky. What do you see there? What do the clouds tell us about the weather? Do you know what makes the weather in the mountains so special? And where does the wind come from?

  • Nature in our sights

    Nature in our sights

    Your tools are your eyes, a magnifying glass and binoculars. Get to the bottom of things as a detective and set nature in your sights: Sparkling dewdrops, minerals, interwoven lichens, fascinating flowers, small animals, tall treetops and distant peaks.

  • Learn more about native orchids

    Learn more about native orchids

    Go on a treasure hunt equipped with your research materials. How can you recognise an orchid? How do you tell them apart from other flowers? What tricks do they have up their sleeve?

  • Time out with taiji and qigong

    Time out with taiji and qigong

    Enjoy the tranquillity and strength of nature. Concentrate. Try to keep your balance. You’re completely focused, rooted, connected, mindful and peaceful. Have you found your centre?

  • A walk with all your senses

    A walk with all your senses

    Open your eyes – what do you see? Breathe deeply – what can you smell? Listen closely – what can you hear? Touch carefully – what can you feel? Put it on your tongue – what can you taste?

  • Tracking in the Kaiser Mountains

    Tracking in the Kaiser Mountains

    If you look closely you will discover lots of animal tracks: Who has nibbled here? Which animal made those scratches? Who dropped something here? Whose hairs are these?

  • Kaiserlift morning trips

    Kaiserlift morning trips

    The Saturdays when the Kaiserlift starts running at 6:00 am are very special. Take your seat on the single-seat chairlift, enjoy the morning atmosphere and breathe the fresh air. Pure relaxation, as you soar into another world.


Kaiser Mountains nature reserve panoramic map

Discover the diversity of the Kaiser Mountains hiking paradise. Over 1,000 kilometres of hiking paths. Steep Alpine paths. Leisurely routes. Challenging tours. Relaxed family hikes. The Kaiser Mountains nature reserve panoramic map is a treasure map full of hiking enjoyment.


3facts about the themed walks

  • Mysterious: Unusual insights into the Kaiser Mountains nature reserve.
  • Summery: The free themed tours take place from May to October.
  • Register: Registration for the tours is possible directly at the tourist offices.

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