Tours in the Kaiser Mountains nature experience - on the trail of nature

Mysterious Kaiser

Hike and learn at the same time – this is possible in the Kaiser Mountains nature reserve high above Kufstein. These exciting tours are a great free offer for all nature lovers. Whether you’re a guest in Kufsteinerland or live here: Our guides, all specialists in their particular area, introduce you to the world of the Kaiser Mountains nature experience.

The magical world of the Kaiser Mountains nature experience
On the trail of the Kaiser's secrets. More than just hiking, you can also experience the many facets of the Kaiser Mountains nature experience. Touch. Explore. Feel. Various guided tours, with experts from the Kufsteinerland tourism association, the Natopia association, ZAMG (Meteorology Association), and from the areas of geocaching, geology and yoga, make new, unexpected insights into the nature reserve possible. No matter what your age, these programs are always tailored to suit the respective group. From May to October, families or specialist groups are also welcome to discover, observe and explore the Kaiser Mountains.

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  • Discover with all your senses

    Discover with all your senses

    Far too rarely do we consciously use our senses – the nature reserve around Brentenjoch invites you to train all of them. You can touch, taste and listen. Our guides accompany you as you learn to look at familiar things in a new way. Amazement, surprise and lightbulb moments are a given.

  • Tracking in the Kaiser Mountains

    Tracking in the Kaiser Mountains

    Our guides teach you how to recognize the traces of well-hidden animals. There’s much more to discover than just tracks! Look closely and pay attention; your guide has a few aces up their sleeve that are guaranteed to amaze you.

  • On Treasure Hunt in the Kaiser Mountains

    On Treasure Hunt in the Kaiser Mountains

    Head off on an exciting treasure hunt in the Kaiser Mountains. Take off on an adventure with a GPS device or mobile phone app, find the right path and explore the nature reserve. Where is the treasure hidden? Can you find it?

  • The World of Fluttering and Crawling Animals

    The World of Fluttering and Crawling Animals

    What’s that crawling on the forest floor, and what’s buzzing around in the air? Get to know the wild bees, shimmering beetles and brightly coloured butterflies. Use natural materials to recreate the insects as you carefully examine them under a magnifying glass.

  • The forest as a source of power

    The forest as a source of power

    Marvel at the wealth of species in our mixed forest with its many trees and shrubs. What does the life of a tree look like, how do trees feed themselves, what happens underground, how do they survive the winter? Learn to identify trees by their external characteristics, but also how their essence affects us. Find out why the forest is good for us and what 'forest bathing' and tree encounters are all about.

  • The world of geology

    The world of geology

    More than just stone: Experience the formation of the Alps and the Kaiser Mountains up close! Our geologist takes you on a fascinating journey of oceans that came and went, and to the continents of the past. He knows (almost) every rock in the Kaiser Mountains, and uses exciting experiments to teach you about the different types of stone in these mountains.

  • Fascination Orchids

    Fascination Orchids

    Become a botanist for a few hours. Take your research material and search for a special treasure: native orchids. They range from small specimens to the aptly named “Kaiserin” (Empress). Learn more about orchids and examine them closely: How are they structured? What tricks so they have? How are they different from other flowers?

  • Natural balance

    Natural balance

    On this tour you enjoy the tranquillity and power of nature on a mindful hike with qigong and tai chi exercises. While you find your inner balance, our guide introduces you to the five Chinese elements in nature. Experience how the elements create each other, control themselves and use the others in a continuous cycle without a beginning or an end.

  • Plant Treasures in the Kaiser Mountains

    Plant Treasures in the Kaiser Mountains

    Dive into a wonderful and amazing world of medicinal and poisonous plants, herbs and trees. Listen to Gabi and Maria’s fascinating wealth of knowledge about the plant world around Brentenjoch Learn to recognise and use herbs. The highlight is processing and subsequent tasting of the herbs. Simply delicious

  • Morning yoga at Brentenjoch

    Morning yoga at Brentenjoch

    Greet the day with yoga at Brentenjoch on selected Saturdays when the Kaiserlift starts its morning rides at 6:00 am and lets you float up to the nature reserve. Face the rising sun over the Kaiser Mountains as our yoga teacher guides you through the asanas. A perfect start to the weekend!