Power and awareness places

Enjoyable time out

Relax. Rest. Switch off and enjoy. Five power and awareness places in the Kaiser Mountains nature reserve offer unparalleled enjoyment of nature. Watch the clouds from the larch wood spiral. Feel the power of the Wilder Kaiser north face. Interactively on the trail of medicinal herbs, dive into old wisdom. Experience the crystal-clear energy of the cool, refreshing, sparkling water.

Slow down. Enjoy. Feel.
High over the valley, surrounded by nature, the peace and quiet offers the time to reflect, centre yourself, wonder and be amazed at the beauty of the surroundings. Let your eyes wander over the mountain peaks that surround you. Dive into the natural Tyrolean landscape. The power and awareness places offer views, panoramas, and the chance to gain insights into yourself. Five places that connect hiking enjoyment with the fascination of untouched natural landscape, and invite you to consciously enjoy yourself. Nature becomes a quiet experience, a source of energy. Be present. Give the moment a sense of endlessness.

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  • Source of Life

    Source of Life

    Gentle splashing. Refreshing water. Feel the energy and power of the pure mountain water. On the hike along the forestry road from the middle to the top station the Riegen spring invites you to take a short rest and become aware of the gifts that nature gives us. Give thanks for the source of life. Cool. Crystal clear. Listen to the sound of the water, pause, step away from everyday life, let your thoughts linger.

  • Eagle's View

    Eagle's View

    Pause. Enjoy the panorama. Let your gaze wander, relax and enjoy yourself. Feel the power of nature. The Eagle's View power place, directly at the Kaiserlift top station, puts the natural Tyrolean landscape at your feet. Far away from restrictive ways of thinking, you can consciously open up your viewpoint and your soul. The binoculars let you learn more. Looking through them shows you the names of the huts, peaks and mountains around you, and provides interesting facts about the mountain names.

  • Freedom – Space – Time

    Freedom – Space – Time

    Be astonished. Enjoy. Sense. The natural beauty of the northern side of the Wilder Kaiser is directly opposite the Freedom – Space – Time power place. Imposing views. The search for details. Time is no longer important. The spiral, an ancient holy symbol in all cultures, forms the layout of this space, helping you to concentrate on and tune into the natural jewel of the Kaiser Mountains.

  • Alm Pharmacy

    Alm Pharmacy

    On the trail of healing nature. Old pharmaceutical knowledge. Proven herbal knowledge. Local herbs and their healing effect are presented in text and pictures at Austria's highest alm pharmacy. Interactively discover centuries-old knowledge. Familiar odours. Grandmotherly secrets. Four modules make the wisdom of former times tangible.

  • Ridge Walk

    Ridge Walk

    Close to the sky. Experience nature. Surrounded by the mountains, protected by a spiral that invites you to rest. An exposed place with a panoramic view. High up, between Steinbergalm and Walleralm, on a ridge of Hocheck. A "viscope" helps give you a fabulous panorama, and brings the surrounding peaks so close you can almost touch them.

  • Sky View

    Sky View

    Passing clouds. Passing thoughts. Relax. Give this moment a sense of endlessness. Dive into the sky. The spiral-shaped larch wood bench of the Sky View awareness place invites you to rest. Lay down. Sit down. Enjoy the sky with all its facets. Consciously become aware of the sun, weather and wind. Rest. Pause in the moment.


Kaiser Mountains nature reserve panoramic map

Discover the diversity of the Kaiser Mountains hiking paradise. Over 1,000 kilometres of hiking paths. Steep Alpine paths. Leisurely routes. Challenging tours. Relaxed family hikes. The Kaiser Mountains nature reserve panoramic map is a treasure map full of hiking enjoyment.


3facts about the power places

  • A selection: Five special natural spots to switch off, pause and recharge energy.
  • Spectacular: The power places impress with their special views.
  • Peaceful: Concentrating on nature is itself a source of energy.