On the trail of the Kaiser Mountains nature reserve

Questions and answers about the Kaiserlift

The Kaiserlift Kufstein takes you up to the idyllic Brentenjochalm top station at 1,200 meters. The summer cable car opens up a natural paradise with over 1,000 kilometres of hiking paths. With everything from leisurely family outings in the Tyrolean Mountains to challenging routes for enthusiastic mountaineers. Culinary delights in traditional huts. High-energy places in the middle of the Zahmer and Wilder Kaiser nature reserve. Switch off and enjoy. Cultural enjoyment at Theatre on the Mountain. Journeys of discovery on the free themed tours.

Can I use the Kaiserlift with my bike?

No, unfortunately bicycles cannot be transported by the lift. When riding your bicycle in the Nature Reserve please stay on the designated forest road.

Can I use the lift with a wheelchair or pram?

If the wheelchair or pram can be folded up and weighs less than 30 kg then it can be transported on the transport hook.

Can I use the lift with a dog?

Yes, as long as it can sit on your lap. There are also 2 chairs with a mounted dog box – these can be used to transport larger dogs.

How long does the lift ride take?

It takes approx. 15 minutes to the middle station, and the Brentenjoch top station is reached in approx. 30 minutes. In the middle station you have to change.

Is my child allowed to ride alone on the Kaiserlift?

From a height of 115 cm children may travel alone on the lift, the age is not relevant. Smaller children can sit on the lap of an adult. The lift staff makes the final decision about whether a visitor is "fit to ride".

Can two children ride together on one seat?

It is not permitted to transport two children on one seat.

Where are there toilets?

There are toilets at the bottom and middle stations.

Does the lift operate in bad weather too?

The lift operates from May 1st to October 31st, daily from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. An exception to this is when severe thunderstorms are forecast. In case of doubt you can find out more at 05372 6930-363.

Which lift passes are valid on the Kaiserlift?

Both the Mountain Experience-Card Wilder Kaiser-Brixental and the Kitzbühel Alps Summer Card are valid on the Kaiserlift. The same applies to the Tyrol Snowcard (however this is limited from May 1st to 15th and from October 1st to 31st).

Can the KufsteinCard be used on the Kaiserlift?

Yes, with the KufsteinCard you have unlimited use for 365 days not only the Kaiserlift but also the swimming pool, Hechtsee, city buses and the ice arena, and can also visit Kufstein Fortress (including fortress cable car) and the Sinnfonie at Riedelglas.

Is the parking lot at the Kaiserlift subject to a fee?

Yes, it is a private parking lot that is subject to a fee from May 1st to October 31st. The day ticket costs €3.00 and can be purchased from the pay station at the parking lot. There is also bike parking for free.

Why does the lift sometimes stop?

Safety is of utmost importance for us. To ensure that visitors can get on and off the Kaiserlift safely it is sometimes stopped. The ride will continue after a couple of seconds. If the lift stops for a longer period please stay calm and listen to the loudspeaker announcements.

Is it possible for the lift to go more slowly when getting on and off?

Yes. Please inform the lift staff when you get on. The speed of the lift will be reduced. As an indication that you would like assistance when getting off, your seat will be marked with a small board.