06A - Alpine valley circuit variant


1180 m

1348 m

79.0 km




Kufstein city centre


Kufstein city centre

Tour description

This option has you cover almost as many kilometres, bringing you Kaiser-views on the way back.
To get up to the Schönangeralm, amidst alpine meadows, follow the route description of the high mountain valley tour-Schönangeralm. Taking this option, follow exactly the same route on the way back until just before Hopfgarten. After Hopfgarten, keep right and follow the road to Itter past Mühltal to Söll. Past the idyllically located bog lake, you’ll get to the national road to Kufstein and can roll downhill comfortably the last part of the way across the Eiberg.
The Schönangeralm alpine inn also offers plenty of culinary highlights apart from the splendid views of the surrounding mountains.


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