St. Nikolaus Round


2:30 h

640 m

180 m

8.7 km




Church of Ebbs


Church of Ebbs

Tour description

We follow the Kaiserbergstraße between church and Oberwirt towards the Kaisergebirge. After about 1000 m the road rises steeply. At the following fork in the road we turn left (following the road further, we reach a fork in the road to the Aschinger Alm after 200 m). At the edge of the forest the ascent to St. Nikolaus begins. After a few hairpin bends in the open country we can turn left to visit the chapel. Otherwise we keep straight on until we reach the fork in the road to Nußham after 1500 m. Here we keep going into the valley past the old schoolhouse. (If we continue straight on, after 500


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