The Kaiserlift Kufstein in detail

Nostalgia in green

It was established in 1971. Even back then it took visitors comfortably up to Brentenjochalm at 1,200 meters. For 40 years the Kaiserlift Kufstein transported hikers and nature lovers up to the Wilder Kaiser, until it was discontinued in 2011. A large investment was needed for a continued cable car operating licence, which wasn't cost-effective for the owner at the time. For a long time no solution was found, until the Stadtwerke Kufstein brought the lift back to life with a complete refurbishment and revitalisation from the start of 2014 until May 2015. The turnstiles opened again right on time for the start of the hiking season on May 1st, 2015. The Kaiserlift Kufstein is one of only ten single seat cable cars in Austria.

Limitlessly upward

The Kaiserlift has an experience for everyone. Folding prams and wheelchairs can be easily transported. Special dog crates offer an innovative solution for safe transport of large dogs. The staff of the single seat chairlift ensure comfortable and safe getting on and off. Yellow and red flags also show the station staff if more time should be planned for getting off, and the speed can be reduced or the lift can even be stopped. The most important information for visitors: After getting on pull the strap above you to the right downwards, and only open the bracket right before the station.

Enjoy nature over the mountains

30 minutes of idyllic riding pleasure, all the way up to Brentenjochalm at 1,200 meters, only interrupted by a quick change at the middle station. Switch off. Relax. Dive into the Kaiser Mountains nature reserve. The last meters before the top station are spectacular, an experience in itself. After a small hilltop the imposing mountain chain rises up directly in front of you. A natural pleasure that continues with the panoramic view of the high plateau. Lots of tours lead from the top station into the Kaiser Mountains nature reserve. Over 1,000 kilometres of hiking paths. From simple and pram-friendly paths to challenging tours in the high Alps. Power places. Traditional huts. Breath-taking views.

Safely upward

Summer cable cars are statistically one of the safest means of transport in Austria. Numerous control mechanisms, cable car monitoring and technical features all contribute to this safety. Personal support is also very important. A total of ten people work on the Kaiserlift, and enjoy their workplace in the middle of the Wilder and Zahmer Kaiser nature reserve.